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Bocce Ball Court Shell Mix - Our Newest Product!!!!!
Where in the Low Country can you find Bluestone Pavers, Sand, Mortar, Tabby Shells, Pennsylvania Bluestone, Genuine Turkish Travertine, and Border Concepts Steel Edging all under one roof? Carolina Supplies & Materials is where! Located in the heart of the Low Country we have a long standing tradition of supplying anyone from the general contractor to the weekend do-it-yourselfer with the right products and great service to help keep your projects running smooth from start to finish. So before you start that next commerical job or backyard retreat call or stop by and let us show you why we say at Carolina Supplies & Materials "Our Service is the Difference"
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About Us

Carolina Supplies aka Carolina Masonry & Hardscape Supplies, LLC was originally founded in the 1920's in Charleston, SC by the Ford Family and has been operating continuously ever since.  We are a supplier of Oyster Shell products, Hardscape Products, Steel Lawn Edging by Border Concepts, Stucco Products, Pavers, Masonry Products, Sand, Rebar, etc to the Contractor and the "Do It Your Selfer".

Oyster Shell Tabby and Oyster Shells have been very popular for Stucco applications, concrete driveways, paths, walkways and Bocce Ball Courts.  We sell our shell products by the 35-40 lb. bag and bulk bags.  We ship anywhere in the continental United States.


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